Why choose Mr. Propane?

Mr. Propane can easily manage your Residential or Business propane needs. Whether for new cylinders, refill services, or recertification of your current cylinder – we have you covered.

Mr. Propane by Cornerstone has all your propane needs covered!

We’ll do anything for our customers to ensure their satisfaction; our mission is to be the one-stop shop with all your propane needs under one roof. Our propane experts are here to assist with anything you need.

We Have Coloured Tanks!

We are the only service we know of in North America who uses the highest quality imported paint to colour our tanks.

These tanks offer the same long life and protection of other tanks, and they’re much more fun to look at. 

Switch to Mr. Propane

Our New Rewards Program gives you the chance to earn free propane with a referral program so the other people in your life can also enjoy the benefits of the easiest and most convenient propane fill station in the area!

Our prices are competitive, our staff is here to serve, and we offer a full-service centre for all your needs, there is nowhere else you should be.


Because we know you're busy, we'll do the lifting for you. Schedule your delivery in the HRM

A Mr. Propane specialist will deliver your new cylinder up to 100lbs, and pick up your old one for recertification or recycling. Simply fill out a Propane Request Form by clicking on the link below, and a Propane Specialist will contact you to help schedule your delivery.

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