About Mr. Propane

We are dedicated to building on the existing base of professionalism and expertise we have and strive to become the number one destination and provider in our industry.

Our retail space has staff that are welcoming and filled with kindness, jokes and laughter as they are here to enjoy their day as much as they want you to enjoy yours.

Mr. Propane has been serving HRM for almost 10 years and has since brought his wife Mrs. Propane on to strengthen and grow the brand with the customer service that makes us who we are.

As an addition to a current successful construction supply business Cornerstone Construction, the synergy of a propane and tank supplier was appealing and worth investigation. Our current customer base saw value in having this available in this same location as they regularly visited, and our staff was eager to expand their industry knowledge so the new venture was born.

That idea grew with vengeance to now include machinery that can take old, out of date tanks in need of major repair and bring them back to a state of new again, giving them 10 more years of life.

This gives the customer the option to avoid buying brand new tanks if they prefer and to keep tanks out of the landfill unnecessarily. The tanks go from beast to beauty on site and potentially same day.


Because we know you're busy, we'll do the lifting for you. Schedule your delivery in the HRM

A Mr. Propane specialist will deliver your new cylinder up to 100lbs, and pick up your old one for recertification or recycling. Simply fill out a Propane Request Form by clicking on the link below, and a Propane Specialist will contact you to help schedule your delivery.

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